Branding, Public Relations, & Social Media: 4 Week Master Course

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** This is a powerful, more expanded version of my popular 1 day session, attended and praised by over 200+ Skillshare students. If you want a comprehensive way to build a successful brand, then go all in with this course. **

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You struggle to find the right words to explain your brand or business...
  • You can't confidently say what public relation strategy would be best to gain traction...
  • You can't prove which social media tools are actually worth your time... 

If any of these do, you agree the worst part is knowing that there is no clear path to fix these issues. You look at other succsesful brands and you have to think, "Am I doing something wrong, or what?"

I'm here to tell you that it has nothing to do with you. There is no real blueprint out there that shows you have to effectively use branding, public relations, and social media the day you decide "I want to start a business!"

But give me 4 weeks and we'll change that together.
Join me and the hundreds of other past students as we break down:
  1. The building blocks of constructing a simple and powerful brand indentity
  2. How to strengthen your brand by understanding your audience and how to serve them
  3. How to develop strategies to win fans and rock partnerships
  4. A definitive toolkit for daily social media use and strategies

I'm going to help 100 people quit their jobs and start their own businesses by the beginning of 2013. Make this class your first step in being one of those people.


Wouldn't it be great to get some insight into what I teach and how I teach it without having to leave the house?

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  • The building blocks of powerful brands


    Coming soon...

    Ever wonder why you actually like the brands you do?

    We start by demystifying what branding is all about through a series of case studies that breakdown the psychology behind effective branding.

    Then, we put those ideas to work on yours by applying powerful, foundational branding strategies on your project. 


    Coming Soon...

  • Identifying your ideal user to grow your brand


    Coming soon...

    Want to know how to sell more? Or gain tons of fans? Or have everyone know your name?

    The key is understanding who you are the best equipped at helping. We'll pinpoint what your brand kicks ass at and then indentify who your ideal "user" is and how you can mold your brand to be their go to for all their passion. 


    Coming Soon...

  • Fan building and partnership development


    Coming soon...

    This is what good PR is all about.

    Here we'll dive right into strategies that will engage fans and form powerful communities. In the second half of the session, we'll use parallel techniques to put your brand on the radar of the ones you should partner with and then, it's teamwork time.


    Coming Soon...

  • No bullshit social media strategies


    Coming soon...

    No fluff here.

    No cheesy viral giveaway contests. No ways to grow your followers by hundreds per week on autopilot. No discussion of social media tools that will repost your content everywhere with a click of a button. We're learning tried and true, old school communcations techniques with new school tools. You'll fall in love with learning how less is more as we learn techniques on better blogging, emailing, social media updating, and every other tool you're dying to get better at.


    Coming Soon...

Jeff Ramos

Skillshare Master Teacher

My name is Jeff Ramos and for most of my life, I’ve lived under the poverty line.

Over the past few years I've put in endless hustle and creative strategies to reinvent myself time and time again. When I first moved to NYC, I literally had no money and no connections and used real-world networking to become a full time DJ in the world's most competitive city.

As social media flourished, I rode the wave and took my passion for blogging about the social impact of video games online. A simple blog I had for three months took me from having a job and a part time hobby to a career writing about games and working with some of the world's leading NGOs, non-profits, educators, and game designers fusing my love for video games and social activism.

Now I'm obsessed with the passions, ideas, and projects of others and try to create as much content as I can to help everyone brings their ideas to life. My story and hard work is a testament that no matter who you are and what you're given, you can create amazing things in this world that people will love or learn from.

I'm really excited to share these secrets with you.


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