Blue Ocean Startup: Innovating without Competition

, Passionate about Innovation and Blue Ocean Startup

"Escape the bloody red ocean of competition and Create Revenues Through Validated Innovation !!!"


This class is an introductory to Blue Ocean Strategy and will touch on Lean Startup concepts. Blue Ocean Strategy is also taught at top Global Executive MBA of INSEAD and is based on the study of dozens of companies over a 100 years, Blue Ocean Strategy  shows the Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur how to methodically make the competition irrelevant.

We'll review how companies like Apple, Cirque Du Soleil, Southwest Airlines, Amazon and others repeatedly reinvent themselves through the eyes of the Blue Ocean Strategist and how you can implement it to evaluate and execute on your ideas to gain exponential growth. 

At the end of this class you will learn:

What is  the method of Blue Ocean Strategy (vs Red Ocean Strategy)

How to create real value in your Innovation and visualize it in a simple way. 

How to go beyond existing demands and create barriers of entry.

How to strategically price your innovation.

How to strategically execute (MVP, Validated Learning)

When to innovate again.


See what previous attendees had to say:

"... I loved the class. Everything was insightful. I learned a ton and I retained a lot of what you said when you showed the summary slide - which positively reflects your teaching skills. The material was also very strong..."


"Very worhwhile presentation. Wealth of knowledge."


"Blue Ocean Startup is a fab tool for thinking about new projects and coming up w ideas to keep you innovating."


 "Excellent class! I read Blue Ocean Strategy several years ago, before I started my own business and, more recently, Lean Startup. Gil clearly has a deep understanding of the principles of both strategies and his class helped me better synthesize the learning and think about practical ways to apply them both in my business and in those of my clients. Who doesn't want to make the competition irrelevant?! Thanks, Gil!"


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No prerequisites for attending the class. This class combines two known concepts from the books: Blue Ocean Strategy (by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne) and and The Lean Startup (by Eric Ries). If you are an innovator at heart or looking to asses innovations (big or small) this is for you..... learn how to methodically turn your creative thought into a business without competition.
  • How to create a valid innovation without worrying about competition


    Coming soon...

    We will review blue ocean strategy techniques. How to evaluate innovation? What is a value innovation? What is a value curve? How to compare your product with your competition's product? What makes you unique?

    Coming Soon...

Gil Rachlin

Passionate about Innovation and Blue Ocean Startup

Gil Rachlin is a seasoned product manager and data strategist with over a decade of experience with both startups and large corporations.  He discovered his passion for growth generating innovation early on, but found it to be a distinction during his masters studies when he was constantly looking for ways to take existing research ideas to the next level for his thesis and developed a new methodology for predicting stock trends using news analysis and fundamental analysis, which had breakthrough results and is still being studied and funded in the academia.    

For the past 7 years he has been part of the growing community of New York's Silicon Alley and was part of the leadership team of companies like: Quigo (until its sale to AOL for $360 Mill) and Kgb inc.($1Bill company, which is known for its 411 services, kgbkgb and kgbdeals services) and most recently as Head of Product for PerformLine. 

Currently Gil runs Xtrech Holdings (stands for eXtreme Technologies), where he pursues his passion of helping companies find true innovation without competition. Xtrech companies include:PerformlineScanBizCardsAdFin SolutionsLegal FaceOffAppinions,SeaPass,  Bolt Insurance10sum.

After helping multiple companies innovate their way into growth and measuring their success, Gil found that both Blue Ocean Strategy and Lean Startup techniques can't reside separately and decided to combine them into Blue Ocean Startup. He is now spreading the word and helping companies methodically use these to grow their efforts.

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