Blue Ocean Saturday: Startup Innovation Exercise

, Passionate about Innovation and Blue Ocean Startup

Hands on workshop about Blue Ocean Startup (combining blue ocean strategy and lean startup to create validated innovation). 

Bring your own ideas and we will review it through the eyes of the Blue Ocean Strategist to make sure you can: 

"Escape the bloody red ocean of competition and Create Revenues Through Validated Innovation !!!"


What you will do:

1) The workshop will start with a short overview of Blue Ocean Strategy and Lean Startup.

2) Build your own Visualized Strategic Canvas (Value Curve)

3) What will be your Minimum Viable Product?

4) How to measure the success of your idea?

To gain the best benefit from the workshop, please review the pre-requisites of information you should collect about your idea and feel free to contact me with questions.

Although this would be a group discussion, you will be the subject matter expert of your idea and to make this most effective, here are some suggestions on what to explore prior to attending: 1) What is your industry, market? What are your industry characteristics? What is are the neighboring industries of your idea? 2) Who are your customers / Potential Customers ? What are they looking to achieve? 3) How would you grow your business? make money? 4) How would you prevent others from doing the same thing (competitive barriers)? 5) How would you measure the success of your idea?
  • Build a Blue Ocean Strategy and a Lean Startup

    Performline Inc.

    122 West 26th Street
    New York , NY

    Sat, January 5th, 2013

    10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST

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Gil Rachlin

Passionate about Innovation and Blue Ocean Startup

Gil Rachlin is a seasoned product manager and data strategist with over a decade of experience with both startups and large corporations.  He discovered his passion for growth generating innovation early on, but found it to be a distinction during his masters studies when he was constantly looking for ways to take existing research ideas to the next level for his thesis and developed a new methodology for predicting stock trends using news analysis and fundamental analysis, which had breakthrough results and is still being studied and funded in the academia.    

For the past 7 years he has been part of the growing community of New York's Silicon Alley and was part of the leadership team of companies like: Quigo (until its sale to AOL for $360 Mill) and Kgb inc.($1Bill company, which is known for its 411 services, kgbkgb and kgbdeals services) and most recently as Head of Product for PerformLine. 

Currently Gil runs Xtrech Holdings (stands for eXtreme Technologies), where he pursues his passion of helping companies find true innovation without competition. Xtrech companies include:PerformlineScanBizCardsAdFin SolutionsLegal FaceOffAppinions,SeaPass,  Bolt Insurance10sum.

After helping multiple companies innovate their way into growth and measuring their success, Gil found that both Blue Ocean Strategy and Lean Startup techniques can't reside separately and decided to combine them into Blue Ocean Startup. He is now spreading the word and helping companies methodically use these to grow their efforts.

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    Performline Inc.

    122 West 26th Street

    New York , NY

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