Blogging & Branding Master Course: WordPress, Social Media & SEO

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Have a brand that's itching to get out but no idea how social media works? Heard of WordPress but don't know if it's right for you? Does the word blog sound more like a terrible disease than a useful business tool? This course is for you! 

In this class you'll learn:

  • How to set up a quick and cheap website using WordPress
  • Using Twitter and Facebook to engage your audience
  • How emerging platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Foursquare open up new avenues for promotion
  • Audience maintenance, creating brand evangelists + SEO

After attending this class you'll have an understanding of the following:

  • WordPress, Tumblr and blogging
  • Social Media platforms and how to use them
  • Tools for building audience and analyzing ROI
  • SEO basics and longterm maintenance 
Who should take this course
Anyone who want technology to not be an obstacle to reaching their audience. Anyone who is interesting in automating their social media and blogging into a workflow that fits their lives. Business owners who don't have the time to update their Facebook profiles every ten minutes.
Who shouldn't take this course
This course is for those who either don't know what they need yet or already have a website and need to focus on their online presense. If you are looking to build a WordPress site consider this class: vs Getting Started with WordPress. If you need more indepth web concepts training: Website Bootcamp for Creative Professionals.
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    In this session, we'll dive deep into WordPress. How do you set up a site for free? What do you need if you want to customize it?

    We'll also look at plugins for social media and search engine optimization. 

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Nate Cooper is a blogging strategist and writer. Through his company, he has led training for corporate clients including the Gap and NBC. He is a regular contributor to, and his writing has appeared on Mashable. Prior to this, Nate worked in event marketing for Apple. He is currently writing an educational comic book on how to build websites for No Starch Press.

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