Awesome Organic Social Growth: 0 to 1M Unique Visitors in 1 Year

, ceo & founder of Greatist

Reaching 1 million unique visitors per month in less than one year is no easy feat. In this class, I'll share the actionable tips & tricks you can use to hopefully achieve it even faster than we did thanks to social, organic, high-quality growth. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a black hat SEO expert, THE social media ninja master, Bill Simmons, or an evil wizard to build a product, content site, and/or startup with an awesome, engaged, exponentially-growing audience.

We'll cover how to: 

  • Identify the right target audience/users/customers to tailor your message and platform
  • Define and refine your brand’s voice and personality so it resonates
  • Understand the importance of design for legitimacy and why it’s worth, if anything, to spend money on it
  • Pick the right platform to focus on, whether it’s social, search, email, and/or influencers
  • Engage with your biggest fans on Twitter, best automate your updates, master Pinterest, nail Tumblr, and more-- in a way that people will love you for
  • Tackle email outreach so the right people are invested in it, promise to help, and become lifelong fans
  • Rule the email newsletter game, especially in terms of quality list growth
  • Build an engaged, huge following on social media the right way
  • Create shaerable content in a way that’s smart and cost-effective
  • Attract a killer team & then mobilizing that team for creative promotion, marketing, and outreach
  • Build a brand people can’t stop telling people they love.
  • And I'll also share the things I would have done differently (learn from my mistakes!) as well as the strategies I would have used if I knew then what I know now (get 10 steps ahead, young grasshopper!).

Plus we'll discuss some other super ultra mondo secret stuff that you can't tweet or share (the juicy stuff). We'll share jokes. We'll tell stories. We'll have a jolly good time.

I'm so sure this class will be valuable (if, let’s say, you are planning to build or are already building a high-quality brand tthat starts with an emphasis on content/media) that if you feel it wasn't worth your time 1 month after taking the class, I'll do two of the following three things: return your money, buy you coffee, and/or tattoo your site's logo on my face. That's not a bad deal, right?

  • Building an Epic Brand: From 0 to 1 Million Uniques in 1 Year

    Greatist HQ

    60 W 22nd St Floor 4
    New York, NY

    Wed, April 25th, 2012

    7:45 pm - 9:30 pm EDT

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Derek Flanzraich

ceo & founder of Greatist

I'm the founder & ceo of, a health & fitness media startup that (yup, you guessed it!) has reached 750,000 uniques in the last 30 days, making us the fastest-growing health & fitness site on the web. I'm passionate about building things that make a profound difference in communities & helping others do the same. In previous lives, I graduated from Harvard, worked at NBC-Universal's Digital Strategy & Operations Department, and helped with audience development and inbound marketing at (acquired by CBS Interactive).

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    Greatist HQ

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