Anatomy of the Startup Deck

, Handyman at Thrive Capital

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So, you have your elevator pitch nailed down and are going into full fledged fundraising mode. Now, you have to translate your story and the entire vision of your company into a ten-slide deck that's compelling enough to get you an investor meeting. What should I include though? And, how am I supposed to include everything about my company in ten slides without having 500 words on each slide?

Fear no more. Chris will walk you through the elements of an effective startup deck. He'll cover how to craft a story out of everything you need to communicate to investors, including the problem your solving, your startup's solution, the team behind it, competition, etc.

Image Credit & some pre-class warm-up: Venture Hack's What should I send investors? Part 2: Deck

  • Anatomy of the Startup Deck

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    Thu, December 8th, 2011

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Chris Paik

Handyman at Thrive Capital

Chris Paik currently works at Thrive Capital, a venture capital firm based in New York. Previously, he co-founded a social media consultancy, worked for an economist, and was an analyst at a fashion consulting firm.

Chris has always been passionate about creating value through volunteering and entrepreneurship, having been a founding member of a Silicon Valley startup during college. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in Economics and a secondary degree in Psychology, with special interest in Behavioral Economics, an intersection of the two subjects.

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