A Jolt of Creativity: Divergent Thinking

, Revolutionist @ Creatively Independent

There might be one idea you're searching for BUT it might be 100 ideas away.  How do you get there?  Keep the ideas coming!

Divergent thinking is a specific method of generating a large quantity of ideas on one subject in a short period of time.  This process allows you to push past the mundane and delve into the dynamic.

Think of it as idea riffing - an addictive and amazingly productive process for any field.

"I ran out of ideas" won't be a roadblock after this session.  With collaborative learning and discussions, you'll feel how contagious and effortless divergent thinking can be.

Creativity is absolutely recession proof.  It just takes prompts, practice and play.


  • You're ready to create something original.
  • You know you can do better in a shorter period of time.
  • You're bored with knee-jerk answers.
  • You're ready to break through assumptions holding back your success.


  • Where divergent thinking exists in your daily life, work and/or art.  
  • How to build up creative thinking drive and stamina.
  • How to actively engage in the process both individually and as a group.
  • How to acknowledge and push through the walls of "good enough" and "done".
  • How to use your community to increase ideas exponentially.

Join us in an active round-table discussion about amping up your creativity levels.  You'll walk away with great exercises for future projects, as well as experiential learning - individually and as a group.

Divergent thinking is essential for all occupations - any skill level. Bring what you like to create and learn with: notebook, computer, phone camera, Post-Its or favorite pen but make sure to bring a sense of humor, whimsy and risk taking.
  • A Jolt of Creativity: Divergent Thinking

    Panera Bread - Town Center

    4720 Town Crossing Drive
    Jacksonville, FL

    This workshop has four sections:

    1. School Got It Wrong (Pre-Workshop Discussion Group): Flip the thought "There's one correct answer".  This is done through inspirational examples of people and companies using divergent thinking.  Also, you'll explore where you already use this process in everyday life.
    2. Let The Ideas Flow: We'll use individual exercises to playfully brainstorm in a creative way.  Aggressive quotas are set in order to push past the easy, quick and knee-jerk answers.  Let's get to the good stuff!
    3. Guided Self-Observation:  In order to change a pattern, you have to see the pattern.  Self-observation questions, used as prompts, help you understand your process and how you want to change it.
    4. Creative Collaboration - The Remix:  This group exercise shows the contagious energy of divergent thinking.  You also experience how running with an idea can take you to a completely new and exciting realm of creating.

    Vulnerability is rewarded here.  It's takes courage to try new things and pushing out of your comfort zone.

    Risk-taking is contagious.  This work builds exponentially because it's done in a group.

    Mon, September 24th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Jess Pillmore

Revolutionist @ Creatively Independent

Jess Pillmore is Co-Artistic Director and Teaching Artist for the revolutionary arts education company, Creatively Independent.  She travels internationally 250+ days/year teaching students from 5 - 85 how to expand into their creatively independent selves.

Her professional work is an expansive mix of theater, dance, creative writing, knitwear design, music and stage combat (1999 National Best Female Actor/Combatant, 2000 Founder’s Award in Unarmed by SAFD).  Her art has been seen Off-Broadway, television (E!, MTV), fringe theatre festivals (Best Musical City Girl!, dir./chor. Minnesota Fringe), regional theaters, schools and international conferences.   Her latest collaboration with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRECord premiered at 2012 Sundance Festival.  She has released three music albums on RoadWorm Music as a singer/songwriter.  Listen here.  Jess is a published writer for national magazines GreenCraft and Stuffed! and a upcycled knitwear designer with A Second Chance.

Jess has trained with renown award-winning artists: Sam Mendes, Rob Marshall, Kathleen Marshall, Susan Schulman, Pilobolus, Momix and in 2012 was hand selected by bestselling author Seth Godin for his Impresario Intensive.  

EDUCATION: Goddard College (MFA Interdisciplinary Arts ’13), FSU (BA Theatre ’97), DASOTA (Dance ‘93)

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