4 Weeks to Get Traction: Lean Startup Validation Accelerator

, CEO/Founder, Lean Startup Machine

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Does any of this sound familiar? You…

  • Have an awesome startup and tons of possibility for where it could go, but you find yourself drowning in options for what steps to take next
  • Are looking to position yourself as a “must-have” product in the eyes of your customer
  • Want to beat the odds of startup failure
  • Lack technical experience but still want idea validation to turn on investors and developers

Startups often fail not because they can’t build the technology, but because they solve a problem that customers don't care about—or don’t care about enough. This course is designed to help you avoid their fate.

By refining the process we’ve used with nearly 2,500 innovators all around the globe, we are now launching the 4-Weeks to Traction: Lean Validation Accelerator!

In this program, using the processes, tools and templates we use with our client startups, you’ll learn (by doing):

  • How to validate a startup idea
  • When, how and why to pivot or persevere
  • How to collect data from real customers (both on and offline)
  • How to craft a Minimum Viable Product that will allow you to learn the most in the most efficient way

According to Danny Maloney, General Manager of AOL Video, “Lean Startup Machine opened my eyes to many flaws in my current product development process. I see now multiple ways that I can operate faster and more efficiently in large and small company environments alike.”

Pre-requisites: No coding, design, or other specialized skills are necessary, just a will to fail fast, and succeed faster. Must be willing to spend 1-3 hours outside of the class and your comfort zone, applying the concepts in class to your own/team project to optimize the learning experience.

Also, after a team leader has registered, they will be sent a 50% off discount code to register fellow teammates if applicable.

Please email [email protected] w/ any questions. 

  • Early Adopters, Problem Hypothesis, and the Validation Canvas

    The Alley

    500 Seventh Ave (37th Street) 17th Floor
    New York, NY

    Exploration interviews with target customers are essential to validate that you are solving the right problem. The immediate qualitative data will allow you to improve your targeting and product strategy in large leaps.

    This session will prepare you to find and interview your product’s early adopters. You will also start completing the Validation Canvas—the central tool for planning and tracking your experiments throughout this course.

    After you are done with the session, your homework will be to conduct customer interviews to decide whether you are working on “a problem worth solving.”

    Thu, August 9th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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  • Exploration Results: Is This Problem Worth Solving?

    The Alley

    500 Seventh Ave (37th Street) 17th Floor
    New York, NY

    Customer interviews are a daunting and difficult task, which is why most entrepreneurs prefer to run experiments in their minds, rather than talk to their customers. The problem is that the right answers are “outside the building,” and mental experiments are not likely to reflect what real customers think.

    We will spend the second session reviewing your results, as well as your personal interviewing experience, to identify opportunities for improvement.

    We will analyze your interview data and help you determine whether you have validated your riskiest assumption(s), or need to adjust your strategy (pivot). In either case, you will be able to design your next experiment and get ready to “get out of the building” again.

    Tue, August 21st, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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  • Solution Hypothesis Validation: Landing Pages and Concierge MVP

    The Alley

    500 Seventh Ave (37th Street) 17th Floor
    New York, NY

    After you have validated some of your riskiest assumptions through interviews, you can test your solution hypothesis by “pitching” it to your target customers before you build it.

    However, it’s not simply about asking whether they like your idea because you cannot simply rely on what you customers say they want. You must carefully design the experiment to avoid false positives and your own confirmation bias.

    You will design an experiment to validate your solution by getting currency in exchange for your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Currency can be money, letters of intent, time, effort, contact information, etc.

    For landing page MVPs and A/B testing, we will provide an optional 30-minute mini-workshop. No coding experience is necessary.

    Tue, August 28th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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  • Currency Validation: Are They Foaming at the Mouth?

    The Alley

    500 Seventh Ave (37th Street) 17th Floor
    New York, NY

    Whether you have build a landing page or started offering a “concierge MVP” in the last session, you will have new data to drive your next set of decisions. We will analyze how you had executed your experiments to ensure that you don’t need to re-run some of them.

    The more assumptions you had validated up to this point, the more you may be able to justify investing additional resources into your idea, building a less “minimal” viable product to test next. Ideally, you will find some paying (or letter-of-intent-signing) customers by this point.

    We will help you determine whether to pivot, test additional features before building anything new, or to build more technology based on what you had learned with your original MVP. You will design your final round of experiments during the course.

    Tue, September 4th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Trevor Owens

CEO/Founder, Lean Startup Machine

Trevor is an entrepreneur and thought leader on Lean Startup methodologies. He's the Founder & CEO of Lean Startup Machine, an innovation training & software company that has helped thousands of startup founders and individuals from organizations including Google, Salesforce, News Corp, Intuit, and others, start hundreds of new businesses across six continents.

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