10 Keys to Creating an Amazing Team Culture

, Teaching is the best form of Learning

Creating a culture by design is one of the most important things you can do for the success of your company. It has been our main focus over the past 5 years which led to awards and recognitions for our company. In this course, I will describe the 10 keys to our success that can easily replicated in any company regardless of size. This is a must attend for anyone who is serious about creating a happy, inspiring, and lasting company culture.

1. How to create a real strategic vision in 10 Minutes
2. How to make core values that stick
3. How to make real brainstorming happen
4. How to setup learning/teaching opportunities for your staff
5. How to have team meetings that energize
6. How to effectively use a company newsletter to inspire others
7. How to use a Culture Blog to attract the right people
8. How to keep the food coming and always available for the team
9. Five keys to developing leaders in your organization
10. Five keys to being a strong leader
  • 10 Keys to Creating an Amazing Team Culture


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David Schnurman

Teaching is the best form of Learning

DAVID SCHNURMAN: In a 5 year period, David Schnurman built Lawline.com to the leading online continuing legal education company in the country. During that time the company grew from 1 employee to 30 and has been named #21 Best Company to Work for in NYC by CrainsNY, #11 Company to work for by New York State Society of Human Resources, and most recently was the 2011 Award Winner for HR & Leadership by New York Enterprise Report. David’s tips and strategies on how to build a successful company culture were also recently featured on Fox Business. David is a frequent speaker of culture and leadership at the The Levin Institute FastTrac program as well as other organizations. Over the years David has been featured in WSJ, Inc.com, Entrepreneur, NY Post, and CrainsNY.


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