The Spoon Ring: How To Make A Spoon Ring

By ·Spoon Ring Maker

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Class Project

Make your own spoon ring

My name is Eric and I am a spoon ring maker. Over the years I've had the opportunity to handcraft thousands of spoon rings. And for a long time, I've wanted to share my process to anyone curious about how they are made or who'd like to learn how to make their very own. In this class I am presenting all of the steps I've learned along the way, from start to finish!

My current work can be seen here:

What You'll Learn

This class was designed for anyone who wants to explore the art of spoon ring making. It will provide a better appreciation for what goes in to handcrafting a very comfortable spoon ring.

Spoon Ring Preparation

  • Equipment Checklist. Rundown of each tool used during the process.
  • Spoon Selection. Discussing common metal types used for spoon rings and tips on where I've had luck finding unqiue spoons in the past.
  • Initial Cleaning. Preparing the handle before it becomes a ring. 
  • Bowl Removal. Removing the bowl of the spoon from the handle.
  • Handle Preparation. Griding and shaping the handle to form a comfortable ring.

Spoon Ring Formation

  • Bending & Sizing. The complete process of forming the spoon handle into a ring. Also, methods for accurately sizing the ring bigger or smaller.

Spoon Ring Inspection & History

  • Cleaning & Polishing. Steps taken to clean each finished ring and final inspection before product photography for the shop.
  • Spoon Ring History. Where did spoon rings come from? Is there evidence to how far they date back and why? 

What You'll Do

Students will leave this class with the knowlege needed to create an antique silver spoon ring. A one of a kind piece of jewelry that will last for generations to come.


Simply the desire to know how a spoon ring is made. If you'd like to make one yourself, you'll want to find a silver spoon. Sterling silver is a softer metal to work with, but silver-plated flatware works great as well. I avoid stainless steel and stick with silver. Students don't nessesarily need the equipment covered in this class or a silver spoon in hand to begin. Simply the desire to understand the complete makings of a spoon ring. Recommended equipment: antique silver spoon, 8-inch worship vise, scrap pieces of leather, bench grinder with grinding stone wheel & metal fiber wheel, rawhide mallet, ring mandrel, polishing cloth, silver polishing compound, a pair of safety gloves, bolt cutters, a pair of goggles and ear protection.

Level: Beginner

Eric Bowley

Spoon Ring Maker

Eric lives and explores in Seattle, Washington. He has been making spoon rings for the last 3 years. Over that time, there have been simple improvements to his creation process and for the first time ever he is sharing all of it.

Photographs of his spoon rings among the Northwest wilderness where he lives can be seen here.

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