Usability Counts Resume and Portfolio Bootcamp

The process of getting a great user experience job that you love isn’t as hard as you would think — you just have to tell your story.

The Usability Counts UX Resume and Portfolio Bootcamp covers all aspects of getting that UX job you love:

  • Presenting a great resume
  • How to properly present your experience
  • Crafting a portfolio that tells your story

Also covered are questions to ask and what to look for so you can find the right culture for your skills and career, how to promote yourself through social media, and how to negotiate your salary.

Have a resume to bring along -- we'll be using examples from the crowd.
  • Usability Counts Resume and Portfolio Bootcamp


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    • Resume Workshop - 40 minutes
    • Resume Q&A - 10 minutes
    • Break - 10 minutes
    • Portfolio Workshop - 40 minutes
    • Portfolio Q&A - 10 minutes

    Coming Soon...

Patrick Neeman

Patrick is currently the Director of Product Design at nPario, a web analytics platform. He was previously  the Director of User Experience at Jobvite, a social recruiting and applicant tracking platform. He was also a Social Media and User Experience consultant with Microsoft. 

Other previous experience includes building a User Experience team from 1 to 25 at a consultancy, work as part of the prelaunch team at Orbitz, and the successful launch of several startup sites.

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