UX for Founders: Designing for the Right Customer

, Design Lead, Lean Startup Machine

Are you a non-technical entrepreneur and you just want to get your idea off the ground quickly?

Are you a technical entrepreneur, who can create the technology, but not sure how to create the best user experience?

The UX for Founders Series is structured with everything you need to know to take yourself from idea to MVP and testing traction without needing to hire a designer or developer.

In this session, we will cover:

  • How to define the initial persona of your target user
  • Validating your personas
  • How to properly conduct user interviews
  • Identifying the right user to design for as you build out your business

You will also be introduced to the tools we've used at Lean Startup Machine that have helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs think through this early-stage UX challenge.

If you are new to UX, taking my class Introduction to UX for Startup Founders is highly recommended.

What others are saying:

“I can't express how great this class was. An insightful intro followed by our projects analyzed by a pro. If you're just starting, this class is a fast trac to the right path. If you've got a live product, you'll leave with a detailed list of specific, actionable UX improvements. If you're serious about what you're doing, take this class now. ” -Scott Harris

“Great class, Grace is great. Well prepared and great discussion at the end. If you have a design, bring it to this class and compare with the other founders.” -Daniel Fein

  • UX for Founders: Designing for the Right Customer


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Grace Ng

Design Lead, Lean Startup Machine

Grace Ng is the Director of UX at Lean Startup Machine. Prior to joining, she founded, and failed, 2 startups and was a mobile UX designer at some of New York's top advertising agencies designing mobile interfaces for Crayola, Central Park, Chevron, Pfizer and MasterCard. She enjoys helping entrepreneurs change the way they approach building businesses.

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