UX Series: Build an Effective Portfolio

, User Experience Consultant & UXPA Boston President

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Class Project

Create an online portfolio of UX deliverables

About the Class

Is your online portfolio outdated or, worse yet, something you just 'haven't gotten around to creating'? Whether you're a student looking for a first UX job or a seasoned UX professional, you've probably experienced the struggle of maintaining an engaging and up-to-date online portfolio.

In the class we'll review the tools that can facilitate maintaining an online portfolio, as well as the fine art of choosing and/or creating the deliverables to include. 

We'll address some of the key questions around portfolio creation, including:

  • Should I design a custom portfolio or use a hosted solution? 
  • Do I need my employer's or client's permission to share deliverables?
  • What if I work on internal apps or under Non-disclosures?
  • What if my work is research-oriented?
  • What if I'm still in school or just starting out? 

To answer these questions, I draw on my own experience, and share the advice of UX managers and professionals.  The main goal is to get your hands dirty putting together a portfolio you won't be afraid to share with potential clients or employers. 

We will end with posting your portfolio to the project gallery for review.

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Level: Intermediate

School: Design

Related Subjects: Web Design, User Experience, UX Design, Portfolio

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About the Teacher

Eva Kaniasty

Eva Kaniasty

User Experience Consultant & UXPA Boston President

I am a UX design consultant who's gone through several versions of my own portfolio and want to share the lessons I've learned. I am the founder of Red Pill UX, a user experience consu...

100% Positive Reviews

Joe Raffone

Joe Raffone

Well organized and easy to follow. She outlined how to get started and offered a lot of examples. Loved the candid email string in the Resources section. If anything, you will get ...

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