UX Design for Non-Designers

, Lead User Experience Designer

There's certainly a shortage of UX designers these days. If you'd like to explore becoming one, or you're having a hard time hiring one, or can't afford one, or you have one and would like to speak the same language, (lots of reasons why!) you can learn some of the basic principles yourself.

This class will cover:
- basic design principles
- tricks and tools that solve common UI problems
- list of resources for further learning

The class will lean towards designing for e-commerce and consumer-facing types of sites and applications. 


  • UX Design for Non-Designers


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Cielo De la Paz

Lead User Experience Designer

I have been a ux designer for 13 years and have designed the user experience for many large consumer-facing sites such as Williams-Sonoma, Ancestry.com and Hotwire.com. I have also worked on a handful of small startups and am currently Head of User Experience at one. In the past few years I have asked to hold brown-bag lunches to teach this exact topic. Those that attend come out with a better understanding of design and are able to make good design decisions when there's is no designer around!

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