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, Brooklyn Aerodrome

This class is intended as an introduction to flight for anyone who has dreamt of leaving terra firma for the unbounded reaches of the sky. The class covers the history and basic principles behind stable flight from a theoretical and hands on perspective.  Participants will be introduced to the concepts of aerodynamic lift, drag, pitch, roll and yaw stability.  We will then apply these concepts, first to a standard ¼” blue foam glider and then to sculptural shapes of our own design, learning what it takes to make them fly as well.
After building and experimenting with unpowered flying machines, the class will be introduced to RC flight simulators and culminate with a buddy box session (student driving for pilots) using a custom-built remote controlled 41" electric powered delta wing night flyer.  Participants will leave with a unique piece of flying art and a taste of the ethereal. 

*Class fee includes a $30 materials fee.

  • Sculpture in the Sky: Fly Your Art

    The Intercourse

    159 Pioneer St
    Brooklyn, NY

    Thu, November 8th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

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Breck Baldwin

Brooklyn Aerodrome

Breck Baldwin is the founder of the Brooklyn Aerodrome artists collective (2005 ) and has taught over a hundred people how to build and fly their own scratch built aircraft. He has collaborated with artists for creative flying shapes ranging from flying eyes to bananas and carrots. He authored the cover article for Make Magazine volume 30 on his aircraft and is currently writing a book for McGraw-Hill on the Brooklyn Aerodrome method of building and flying.

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The Intercourse

159 Pioneer St

Brooklyn, NY

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