Programming Graphics II: Generative Art Animation

By ·Artist, Designer, and Technologist

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Class Project

Create an animated generative art video

My first skillshare class “Programming Graphics I: Introduction to Generative Art” is a REQUIRED prerequisite to taking this course. I taught students how to create an infinite number of patterns using my HYPE Framework library and very simple commands. In this next class, we’ll be taking static compositions (like those created in the initial class) and animating them by using a similar set of rule based randomization. In other words, we will be bringing your artwork to LIFE!

I developed the Hype Framework as a way to aid the creation of static and animated generative art through Processing. A large portion of my work, including all of the 30 second video renders on my tumblr, praystation, use the techniques and principles that I’ll be teaching in this skillshare class. So if you think this stuff is cool, what are you waiting for? Sign up!

What You'll Learn

Through screen captured footage I will walk you through the process of creating animated generative art using my Hype Framework. We'll cover:

  • Rotating and Anchoring (HRotate and Anchoring). How to rotate an object around it’s anchor position.
  • Painting a Canvas (HCanvas). How to paint a canvas as opposed to the stage, and we will also discuss layering, clearing and fading of elements getting painted to that canvas.
  • Moving with the Mouse (HFollow). How to use the mouse as input to display animation based on mouse gesture.
  • HTimer and HRandomTrigger. How to set up an action that fires based on a tempo (both steady and staggered).
  • Moving Objects (HTween and HCallback). How to move an object from 1 location to another, and then trigger an event when an object reaches its destination.
  • Swarm Behavior (HSwarm). How to use a swarm behavior to animate objects on screen as they flock around a point on screen, whether that point is fixed or also animated.
  • Wave Oscillation (HOscillator). My favorite! How to use wave oscillation to animate things on screen using sine, square, triangle and saw waves.
  • Finishing Touches and Output. How to combine animations and classes and output our animations to video.

What You'll Make

As a project for this class you’ll be animating art forms generated through code, either files you already have or what was created in my first class. Your final output will be image sequence (.MOV/.MP4) renders which we can upload to tumblr, flickr, youtube, or vimeo.


In order to get the most out of this class and hit the ground running, I strongly suggest you complete my first Skillshare class entitled "Programming Graphics: Introduction to Generative Art" In this animation class we will be using terminology and tools that I cover in the initial class so it is necessary to have that baseline understanding of generative art.

Level: Intermediate

Joshua Davis

Artist, Designer, and Technologist


I'm a New York based artist, designer, technologist and Media Arts Director at Sub Rosa. I produce both public and private work for companies, collectors, and institutions. Since 1995, I have been using technology and computers as a medium to create projects. Check out my work and learn more at /

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