Make Your Own Mattress and Sofa Cushions

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Students will learn how to make their own, all natural mattress on a budget. I will share how to create the kit I currently sell at my shop: I have developed an easy way to make a mattress using natural materials. Some of the materials we will use are buckwheat hulls, coconut coir, horse hair, and 100% wool. The kit ties together so you do not need to know how to sew. There are tricks to learn on how to fill your mattress for the most comfort and body support. If there is interest, I would like to gather a group together to construct an entire mattress with me in one afternoon. I will provide templates of the modular pods I use in my kit for you to take home. I will also provide a list of resources where you can buy the materials for filing your mattress. This class would be a great way to try out my DIY Mattress Kit. Experience the finished product to see how comfortable an all natural mattress can be. Visit my blog to learn more about making your own mattress -
  • Make Your Own Mattress and Sofa Cushions


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