Love Your Letters: Communicate Visually with Words

By ·Lettering Artist

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Class Project

Letter your favorite phrase (digital or analog)

Ever wanted to transform a hand drawn phrase into a visually pleasing work of art? This class will teach you the techniques for transitioning written words from an analog medium to digital.

Lettering is an incredibly unique form of art. The idea of communicating through words has been instilled in all of us at a young age. Going beyond that initial idea of communication, and analyzing letterforms you will notice that letters themselves have personality, and can be highly illustrative aiding the process of communicating. In this class I'll teach you how to create digital art from written words.

What You'll Learn

  • Research and Sketching. You'll discover the origins of the phrase you'd like to visualize and sketch concepts that honor it's meaning.
  • Vectorizing Your Sketches. You'll refine your hand drawn sketches then digitize them using vectors.
  • Adding Final Effecs. I'll show you how to take your vectors to the next level with advanced tools that distort, transform, add texture, and create 3D effects.

What You'll Make

You'll work on your own and with fellow classmates on your project. Choose a phrase or saying that resonates with you personally and go through the process of lettering it. You'll go through brainstorming steps and taking 1-2 ideas to the sketching phrase. Based on those sketches you'll select your final concept to be refined sketch/ hand rendered or digitally completed. You'll share your final phrase vectorized, or in progress (phrase can be hand done also) with peers to receive feedback.

This class is perfect for designers who are looking to add a personal touch to their work or likeminded people who just love letters and want to give it a go.


This is an intermediate class because knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is required. Software Requirements: Adobe Illustrator (You can download a free trial version of the Creative Suite 6 Design Suite at

Level: Intermediate

Neil Tasker

Lettering Artist

I’m Neil, a freelance letterer and illustrator living outside of Detroit, Michigan. I have worked with clients such as St. Martins Press, Doubleday, Chevrolet, Zendesk and more. My focus is on editorial and advertising illustration. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and I am always looking to learn more and practice. I love sharing with others in hope to helping them grow and progress, and for that I am really excited to not only teach this class, but I am sure I will also learn a lot from everyone!

Check out my personal website here and my work on Dribbble here. See you in class!

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    Become a member to get unlimited access to hundreds of select classes and 20% off all other online classes.

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