Logo Design: Enjoy the Process, Get Great Results

, Artist, Creative Director, Spacial Designer

We'll demo our varied experiences with logo design--from logos for individuals, to small companies, to large firms. Logo design is always challenging. Then we'll move into workshop mode and guide you through the process of creating great logos. Bring one you're working on so we can talk specifics.

--We'll look at successes and failures in logo design and disucss why.

--We'll share client reactions, talk about designer/client dynamics, and offer tips on our experiences of navigating that terrain.

--We'll show you steps to take to begin the process of creating great logos.

--Bring a logo design you're working on and we'll help you make it better. Or, start working on your own identity. We'll guide you with the process to make it better, best, great!

Basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. Some background in typography.
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E Genevieve Williams

Artist, Creative Director, Spacial Designer

Genevieve has taught typography, portfolio, and editorial design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City for over twenty years. Many of her students have gone on to high profile careers in graphic design, including Pentagram, BBDO, Mother New York, R/GA, HUGE, Razorfish, Sapient Nitro, HBO, Comedy Central, Nikelodeon, MTV Networks, The New York Times, and Conde Naste (to name just a few). She is also the creative director and owner of studioegenevieve.com, a multi-disciplinary design firm with clients such as the School of Visual Arts, Girl Scouts of the USA, The Eurpoean Graduate School, and Princeton University. 

Genevieve's personal career includes over 20 years of experience as an art director, including publications such as The New York Times, Time magazine, Rolling Stone, and the Boston Globe, among others. Her professional awards are numerous: most recently she won a Silver Clio award in 2012 for the SVA yearbook.

References (May 2013):

Genevieve Williams is an excellent instructor. I have taken several courses with her, both at the School of Visual Arts and as an independent instructor. Throughout these courses I saw marked improvement in the quality of my work. Many of the best pieces in my portfolio have arisen directly from the work I completed with her. She is a challenging and encouraging teacher and mentor. I am a much better designer for having worked with her. —Chris Beesley

I started taking classes with Gen in 2011. She goes above and beyond for every student in class and her passion for teaching and obsession with good design is evident in the attention that she gives the class as a whole and each individual student. She continues to be a major source of support and inspiration. Gen is AWESOME!

Genevieve is excellent at identifying your unique strengths and coaxing them to the fore of your work. Rather than telling you how to solve a design challenge, she points you to great resources and helps you find your own way. You'll have to put in a lot of effort, but you'll come away with work that is uniquely your own.

Genevieve has the attractive ability to teach without pointing and forcing. She gives you a hint, some direction, suggestions, and after while you notice how your work pops-up and shines. She has a very strong knowledge, very good eyes, and high taste. She is a very good teacher. I highly recommend her classes.

Gen is generous, smart, honest and intuitive about the peculiarities of each individual. As others have posted, she cares about her students above and beyond the typical professor. I did my best, most rigorous and creative work in her class.

Gen's wealth of experience and resources has helped to take my work to the next level. She takes as much time as is necessary to make sure your work is progressing and motivates you work through creative challenges to reach your goals. Gen is a mentor and friend who I highly recommend to serious design professionals looking to further their work.

Genevieve--Great! Dedicated, honest critiques. Will give you as much as you want, pushes you to find your own style. Cares about students, will go the extra mile (or 10). Amazing mentor, teacher, guide.

Gen is the reason I am at where I am now. I had her class in 2 yrs for type design and then portfolio. She inspired me to be an artist who can stand on his own ground. She has also been a very caring friend since I graduated SVA. Always thinking the world for me, and artistically inspires me to keep making new things. --Masa Nakamura

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