Logo Design: Enjoy the Process, Get Great Results

, Artist, Creative Director, Spacial Designer

We'll demo our varied experiences with logo design--from logos for individuals, to small companies, to large firms. Logo design is always challenging. Then we'll move into workshop mode and guide you through the process of creating great logos. Bring one you're working on so we can talk specifics.

--We'll look at successes and failures in logo design and disucss why.

--We'll share client reactions, talk about designer/client dynamics, and offer tips on our experiences of navigating that terrain.

--We'll show you steps to take to begin the process of creating great logos.

--Bring a logo design you're working on and we'll help you make it better. Or, start working on your own identity. We'll guide you with the process to make it better, best, great!

Basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. Some background in typography.
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E Genevieve Williams

Artist, Creative Director, Spacial Designer

Co-Teaching E. Genevieve Williams and Michael Ian Weinfeld

My father taught me to build a cabin in the woods when I was 16. We were air dropped into our 400 acre plot of land with lake in Northern Ontario. For the next three weeks, my sister, stepmother, my father and I built a cabin with just a few tools and lumber from the property. We had a local helper, a man named "Peg Leg Mike," who actually did only have one leg. Since then I helped my father build the cabin I now live in. I renovated it after he died in 2000. All the plans for the design were my own, bouncing off my father's original vision for the cabin and  property.

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