Logo Design: Brand Your Hometown

, Freelance Graphic Designer

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Class Project

Design a logo that represents why you love where you live

About the Class

Take this class to learn the basics of branding and logo design, and have fun doing it. 

A lot of who you are comes from where you live. What about your community do you love? What do you want other people to know about it? Get acquainted with branding and logo design by designing a logo for your neighborhood or hometown.

This class is perfect for design nerds or aspiring designers who love to experiment with typography and branding. It will give you the opportunity to use your current skills or pick up some new ones that you’ve always wanted to learn. You’ll take away new knowledge, an awesome logo to show off and maybe even a few new friends! Anyone at any design level can participate in this project.

You’ll take the place where you live - the city, town or even neighborhood (the scale that you choose to work with is up to you) and create a new logo or type treatment that represents that area. What do you like about the area that you want others to know about it? What is it historically known for? What attracted you to this area initially? You can find out information in many ways - using what you already know, interviewing people, visiting museums and libraries - the extent to which you wish to obtain information is up to you.

Be original, be funny, be interesting - the tone of the final logo is completely your call. Keep in mind - the logo can be based solely on image (logo) design or it can be made up of a clever or sophisticated typographic treatment.

I’ll share my expertise through written posts and other resources. 

Get started!

More Information

This class is open to anyone interested in branding and logo design. You can use anything from pen and paper to Photoshop - whatever tools you feel most comfortable with!

Level: Beginner

School: Design

Related Subjects: Branding, Logo Design, Illustration, Design Research

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About the Teacher

Kim Steinhilber

Kim Steinhilber

Freelance Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and now living in Queens, I often find myself daydreaming of new design ideas and prospective projects. I love color and experimenting with typography. ...

90% Positive Reviews

Abigail Besdin

Abigail Besdin

Content Lead, Skillshare

Kim's class was awesome! Approaching logo design from the angle of hometown branding is brilliant. Made me feel entirely capable of learning skills I always thought were too hard for m...

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