Learn to make Soap!

, Create a Handmade Revolution!

This is a 2.5 to 3 hour class, in which you will learn to make your own handmade soap! Learn how to make your own handmade hot process soap from scratch! NOT melt and pour soap. You will be making your own soap, using oils and lye. Using every day oils and instructions by me, you will learn to make your own hand made hot process soap. You may want to add oatmeal, herbs, or scents to it if you wish. We will be recycling a pringles container to make molds for our soap! If you wish, you may bring in goggles. You'll learn how to formulate your own soap, make your own recipes, where to buy oils and supplies, and how to combine scents together with herbs. For location details visit my event page: http://www.meetup.com/TheCraftaholic/events/52258922/
  • Learn to make Soap!


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Create a Handmade Revolution!
I've been a soap maker for 13 years.
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