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Introduction to Book Cover Design: Making Stories Visual

, Graphic Designer at Alfred A. Knopf

About the Class

What do stories look like? This is a question that I ask when starting each project I've worked on during my 28 years designing book covers at Alfred A. Knopf. Book covers are all around us, whether it's in the book store, a library, or now in the digital age. This class will teach you how to communicate through book cover design, and the artistic vision behind it.

What You'll Learn

I'll teach you my book cover design process. We'll cover the following:

  • Design History. Understanding the history of book cover design and the importance of reading the book. 
  • Concepts and Ideas. Developing concepts and sketches for your book, how to visually approach an authors work, and different types of books.
  • Critique and Rejections. Creating the final design and getting your work rejected.

What You'll Do

In this class, you will select one of your favorite books, and reimagine the book cover design. Whether you pick a classic, non-fiction or a biography, I'll walk you through my process to get the perfect cover.

More Information

Level: Beginner

School: Design

Related Subjects: Identity Design, Design Research, Visual Storytelling, Communication Design, Graphic Design

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Class Project

Reimagine the cover of your favorite book

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About the Teacher

Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd

Graphic Designer at Alfred A. Knopf

Chip Kidd is a Designer/Writer in New York City (and Stonington, CT, and Palm Beach, FL). His book cover designs for Alfred A. Knopf, where he has worked non-stop since 1986, have help...

100% Positive Reviews

Lavinia Ungureanu

Lavinia Ungureanu

Artist/Graphic Designer

It's awesome to have the opportunity to learn from Chip Kidd himself at this amazing price. Even though I wish the videos were a bit longer, I still really enjoyed them (high quality v...

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