Information Design: Turning Location Based Ideas into Infographics

An introduction to map infographics. Answering questions like, what makes a great map, how to think about the data in a visual way and a bit about how to proceed with looking at your data sets.
3 Videos (59m)
  • Inspiration, Tools, and Sketches

    • Introduction


  • Bringing Sketches to Life

    • Bringing Sketches to Life


  • Visual Design

    • Start to Finish Process with Gavin


Class Project: Design a simple map infographic

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About This Class

We’ll take you from beginning to end of a simple map infographic project, that you will feel confident placing in your portfolio!   By now, everyone knows what an infographic is. But do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through tumblr or fffound, wondering why they work so well, and how they loo... Read More

Published on Tue, Jan 15th 2013