How to design your own ring and 3D print it with Shapeways

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The future is here! Anything you can imagine, you can create with 3D printing. It's not all lasers and magic, with a little help from SketchUp and Shapeways, anyone can create a stainless steel ring to wear in one night. We'll learn how to design a ring in a 3D modeling program, then send it to be 3D printed in stainless steel.

The class will cover:

  • Basic design concepts in SketchUp (Google's free 3D modeling software)

  • How to customize a signet ring

  • How to place an order to get it printed in Stainless Steel on


The cost of printing is included in the class, so you get to wear the ring you designed!

Bring your Mac or PC laptop (SketchUp does not support Linux), your charger, and an external mouse. We do recommend that you create an account on Shapeways and download Google SketchUp prior to the class, which should take all of ten minutes.

This class is suitable for people new to SketchUp and 3D modeling.

  • How to design your own ring and 3D print it with Shapeways


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Natalia Krasnodebska

Community at Shapeways

Natalia Krasnodebska is a jeweler and educator.  She creates 3D printed architectural jewelry, tying together the precision of 3D modelling with traditional goldsmithing techniques and using Shapeways to bring it to market. Her work can be found at

3D modelling is the perfect tool for designing at the intersection of art and science. With experience on both sides of the spectrum, Natalia has some good insights into the creative ways to use this cutting edge technology. She is currently the Community Manager at Shapeways.


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