How to Design Killer Infographics

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Have you ever wanted to make your own infographic?

Infographics are all the rage right now. 

Infographics are being used to tell compelling & engaging visual stories through data.

You've liked, tweeted, pinned, e-mailed, & shared the heck out of them. 2,000,000+ infographics were created in 2010-2011. [Source]

Infographics are perfect for marketers, product managers, designers, & business owners looking to promote a product / service or build thought leadership in a given industry.

In this class, we will break down the steps of creating a successful infographic:

  • Research & collect data
  • Develop a narrative & craft a story
  • Sketch & wireframe an infographic
  • Design it
  • Market & promote it
You'll walk away with the tips, tricks, & tools that has helped my infographics land in publications like Mashable & ReadWriteWeb become some of your most successful marketing techniques.
Here are a few infographics I have developed:
Students should bring the following materials to class:

  • Laptop w/ Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator installed
Having knowledge / skills in using Adobe Photoshop and / or Illustrator is preferred, but not required. The class will be helpful for individuals regardless of design experience.
  • How to Design Killer Infographics


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Kevin Mandeville

Designer @ Litmus

Kevin is a Web Designer at Yottaa. Taking his first Intro to HTML class his freshman year of high school, he has been changing the world one pixel at at a time.

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