How to Design Killer Infographics

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Have you ever wanted to make your own infographic?

Infographics are all the rage right now. 

Infographics are being used to tell compelling & engaging visual stories through data.

You've liked, tweeted, pinned, e-mailed, & shared the heck out of them. 2,000,000+ infographics were created in 2010-2011. [Source]

Infographics are perfect for marketers, product managers, designers, & business owners looking to promote a product / service or build thought leadership in a given industry.

In this class, we will break down the steps of creating a successful infographic:

  • Research & collect data
  • Develop a narrative & craft a story
  • Sketch & wireframe an infographic
  • Design it
  • Market & promote it
You'll walk away with the tips, tricks, & tools that has helped my infographics land in publications like Mashable & ReadWriteWeb become some of your most successful marketing techniques.
Here are a few infographics I have developed:
Students should bring the following materials to class:

  • Laptop w/ Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator installed
Having knowledge / skills in using Adobe Photoshop and / or Illustrator is preferred, but not required. The class will be helpful for individuals regardless of design experience.
  • How to Design Killer Infographics


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Kevin Mandeville

Designer @ Litmus

Kevin is a Web Designer at Yottaa and former Creative Director of Bounce Web Solutions. Taking his first Intro to HTML class his freshman year of high school, he has been changing the world one pixel at at a time.

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