Hot and Heavy with Adobe Illustrator

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  1. Learn advanced techniques such as advanced object manipulation & transformation, strokes, fills, patterns, gradients, brushes, fonts, color modes, and usage of the appearance panel.
  2. Using sound design principles, learn to critically examine context when applying such techniques.
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”There once was a man named Devon who was deeply in love with Photoshop. They did everything together, and even though they fought often, he didn’t know any better... until one day, Illustrator came along. Before he knew it, Devon was lost in a love affair with Illustrator. He never knew how he lived without her, and so he decided to teach a Skillshare Class Series to tell the world of her beauty. And they lived happily ever after.”

It started innocently enough, but things with Illustrator have gotten hot and heavy. If your fling with Illustrator has left you yearning for more, then you've come to the right place! This class is a follow-up to the popular Series 1 Intro to Vector-Based Graphic Design. Buckle your seat belts and prepare to dive one level deeper into the enchanted world of design!


Please bring a laptop equipped with an installation of Adobe Illustrator (Trial version is free and can be found here). Further homework TBD.

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  • Hot and Heavy with Adobe Illustrator


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Devon Williams

Serial Creative

Devon is a designer who graduated from Harvard with a bachelors in Computer Science and is now the CEO for Jampage, an online music social media startup in Boston.

He has done extensive freelance and contract web and graphic design as well as advised businesses on product development and design.

He has previously worked as the CTO at Uniplay Mobile, a Program Manager at Microsoft, an IT technician at Harvard University, and the co-creator of isawyouharvard.

In his not-so-free time, Devon is an alternative hip-hop artist and producer. His album High Time is available for free at He also plays competitive Ultimate Frisbee.

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