Graffiti Art & Design - An Intro to the Culture & Techniques

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Graffiti Art & Design - An Intro to the Culture & Techniques

This is a preliminary introduction teaching you how to create Graffiti art (on paper), & to get you familiar with the best tools to use (a variety of pencils, pens, markers, ink & paper), a brief historical context will be explored to orient you in the evolution of graffiti styles & how it relates to & supports a variety of creative fields. 

Participants can look forward to learning how to create urban-based typography & character art. A variety of creative applications will be explored.

Participants will become familiar with the roots of NYC graffiti, it's influences around the world, basic to intermediary techniques & styles used in the practice of graffiti lettering & character art.

Participants will need to bring:

- favorite drawing tools &/or their personal sketch pad (if you have any specific favorites or would like to keep your work in one place)

- 1 black ink pen (examples: papermate felt tip, Faber-Castell-Pitt Artist pen-Medium point, fine point sharpie, Pilot Razor Point) IF YOU FORGET OR CANNOT BRING ONE, A BLACK INK PEN WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOU, (so dont trip)

- A pad or notebook to take notes during the workshop & ballpoint pen

- A camera if you would like to take pictures of the art in the studio (my studio also serves as a gallery for my artwork :) I also allow audio recording of the workshop lecture component, as long as you can provide me with a copy for promotional use.

What is provided :

- A variety of Ink Pens, color markers, pencils & Paper suitable for practice & professional works.

- On-site resources such as : "How To" books, Art books & graffiti/design magazines the feature the top graffiti artists globally, Original Artwork in a variety of mediums from which you may "bite" my styles lol

- A professional studio environment which fosters creativity & a love of learning.

- A semi-social space to network at before & after the workshop (the studio is a collective of multi-disciplined artists/educators & professionals.

Upon registration, an email with registration confirmation, contact info, transportation info &  resource links & graffiti terminology will be sent to you, while it is not a prerequisite to visit the links before hand, it is suggested that you brief over & get familiar with the terms listed.

please feel free to visit my website to see a smattering of my work: 


While "Graffiti Art & Design - An Intro to the Culture & Techniques" is not a prerequisite for my advanced Graffiti courses, I strongly encourage participants to take it prior to the Advanced Graffiti course as a foundation to build off of. (we will offer 3 levels of skill building in the upcoming course)

For those who have experience with the art form & techniques, before registering for the advanced courses, please send a sample/example to [email protected] for review,

you will receive a follow up email with my class recommendation.

We are located in the Bronx at the lovely Landmark, the Andrew Freedman Home 1125 Grand Concourse (on the corner of McClellan Street).

Thanks soo much!

Participants need 2 be open to making mistakes & learning from them, be able to give & receive constructive criticism. Be prepared to experiment, to stretch your imagination & oh yeah, you DO NOT have 2 know how to draw, BUT you do have 2 want to draw ;)
  • Graffiti Art & Design - An Intro to the Culture & Techniques

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    Wed, April 4th, 2012

    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

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Aaron "SpazeCraft" Lazansky-Olivas

Lead Imagineer at Soh Nup Ink | Edu

I've been a Native NY'er all my life, grew up in the park jams in my neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan & in the Bronx since as far back as I can remember. I've been a Professional working musician (multi-instrumentalist), DJ & electronic music producer for over 15 years.

As a beatboxer, I've worked in the medium for the same amount of time & have worked with some of the best in the world:

- Afra

- TES Uno

- Reggie Watts

- Baba Isreal 

- Kid Lucky

- Chesney Snow

- Taylor McFerrin

- BeatsMyth

- the list goes on.... till the break of dawn...

I've worked with young people in Beatboxing & Electronic Music for over 15 years in a variety of Cultural, institutional & educational settings:

- Mexican Museum

- ZEUM Childrens Arts & Technology Museum

- The French American International School

- The Exploratorium

- again, the list goes on.... till the break of dawn...

Recently I've been conducting the Organic Orchestra as part of The Living Remix Project, an LIVE Interactive Music production environment I've created to facilitate in a partnership with in some very dynamic spaces.

Weve gone from Professional Development with Educators & Cultural Embassidors from around the globe, to working with the NYDOE to create 1 Song with over a hundred teens in one workshop, to working with World Renoun Rapper, Lupe Fiasco & 9 remix artists from around the world as part of the fantabulous Re:Form School high profile 3 day arts exhibit (yes, 9 electronic artists were remixing our music in their countries while we were creating the original, all in one workshop session!)

You can take a look at my press kit as it has a number of my musical projects, reocrdings, collaborations & other cool stuff inside it.

Here are a few links to on-line media:

my website hosts a number of video examples link to flicks & track FutureNOWnyc NY Dept Of Education workshop more links & flicks for the brooklyn family day @ the Brooklyn Hip-Hop festival for more info.

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