Foundations of 3D Printing, and Introduction to 3D Modeling

, Owner/Industrial Designer at 40WestID

This class is held monthly, and the next session is Wednesday, September 17th. Please follow this link before signing up:

Learn the core skill for creation in the 21st century with one of the most experienced designer/modelers in the business. Get up-and-running with basic skills and recieve expert consultation on what tools and techniques to focus on for your area of interest, whether in jewelry, sculpture, scale models, or product design.


With curriculum that has been evolving over two years, this is the most mature 3D printing class available, taught by an instructor with 15 years of design and manufacturing experience. This is essentially two classes: Foundations of 3D Printing, and Introduction to 3D Modeling. The goal is to give a complete primer on printing processes and software, then show how you can apply that knowledge to create your own designs and manufacture them at home or at a service bureau like Shapeways. I have classified the curriculum as "beginner", but by the end you will have been exposed to a more complete knowledge base than most people aquire in several years of experience.

Each class also includes up-to-date discussion of the most recent changes in the business and technology of 3D printing. A question-and-answer session follows the class for any student with additional inquiries.

New for this edition of the class: With your ticket purchase you will also get a variety of sample files to help you get started immediately. The model package contains a variety of original models, such as high-quality 3D scanned objects, and Sketchup templates for iPhone, iPod Nano and Shuffle, so you can easily design an unlimited number of products around them.

Bringing a Laptop is Optional, but if you'd like to try the tools during the class, bring your laptop, charger and an external mouse. We also recommend that you create an account on Shapeways prior to the class. is the world’s leading 3D printing marketplace and community. The NY start-up harnesses 3D printing to help anyone turn ideas into a physical reality, making product design more accessible, personal, and inspiring. Shapeways prints everything on-demand, which means that every order is customized and personalized. By providing a platform for community members to gain access to cutting edge 3D printing technology and share their designs with the world, Shapeways is democratizing production. For more information, go to:

  • Foundations of 3D Printing


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    This class presents the foundations of 3D modeling and 3D printing, reviews some of the tools you can use to get started, then shares the most essential characteristics that make a model successful and outlines some of the most common issues you might encounter.  If you have existing design experience in any medium, you will find it surprisingly easy to transfer those skills to this new technology. For those just getting started, there are many easy-to-learn tools to help you get immediate, satisfying results. I'll tell you all about them.

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  • Intro to 3D Modeling for 3D Printing with Shapeways


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    We'll discuss what types of tools and techniques are best matched to what you want to make, and provide sample files for you to experiment with. After introducing you to the different types of modeling using the free tools, we'll move on to some of the premium software you should look into as your skills and needs advance. Optionally, you may bring your laptop so you can try the various tools as the class progresses. We recommend installing at least Sketchup, but for the full experience, also download and install Wings3D, Meshlab and 123D.

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Aaron Trocola

Owner/Industrial Designer at 40WestID

I am an industrial designer who has been creating 3D designs and working with technology start-up companies for over 15 years. I have more than 20,000 hours of 3D modeling experience in CAD, animation, and visualization. I have extensive experience with many manufacturing technologies, and have designed, printed, finished and shipped hundreds of 3D-printed products. I helped develop one of the first volumetric display technologies more than a decade ago, and more recently have been working as a product designer, educator, and as a reverse engineering technician replicating aerospace components. I love sharing my passion for 3D design with others and helping them get the satisfying feeling that comes with the ability to create whatever they imagine. 

I offer product design and consulting services through 40westID, and tradeshow/event design, display, and other "experience" installations through 40WestFX

In 2011, I expanded on my work with body-scanning and 3D printing by founding a Digital Apparel brand called ThreeForm for 3D-printed fashion and other wearable products.

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