Entrepreneurship for Designers

, Design Lead, Lean Startup Machine

Are you a designer looking to join a startup or start one yourself?

I'm a designer who left the world of Madison Avenue to found my own startups and then decided to join one myself.

In this class, we will cover:

  • is entrepreneurship right for me?
  • the steps needed to make the transition
  • jumping in
  • what I learned
  • what to avoid
  • and what's really awesome about designers being in entrepreneurship right now!

Grace Ng

Design Lead, Lean Startup Machine

Grace Ng is the Director of UX at Lean Startup Machine. Prior to joining, she founded, and failed, 2 startups and was a mobile UX designer at some of New York's top advertising agencies designing mobile interfaces for Crayola, Central Park, Chevron, Pfizer and MasterCard. She enjoys helping entrepreneurs change the way they approach building businesses, and getting more designers into entrepreneurship.

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