Designing Your Design Career

, Creative Director/Cofounder of Wander (@onWander)

Your folio is fresh and your game is tight, but are you doing the work you want to be doing?

You've spent some years in the field and realized the romance of a creative career doesn't match the reality. Talent is merely a pre-requisite, and the soft skills (leadership, self-assessment, strategic ability, etc.) are the differentiators that will allow continuous forward momentum. It's all about finding where you fit and taking the least amount of time possible to get there. (No one should ever have to waste time in a 'rut').

This course will focus on identifying your unique abilities, balancing talent with desire (just because you're good at something doesn't mean you love doing it), using friction to promote personal growth, and maintaining a strong career trajectory. I also try to arrange a time to grab coffee with each student individually if interested to talk through goals and plans in more detail and give and receive feedback. I help you and you help me.

By the end of the course the goal will be to initiate a major sea-change in your career (e.g. getting a raise, growing your responsibility at your current job, leaving the rut you're currently stuck in, landing a key interview, etc.).

I will also continue to post thoughts and start discussions on the Field Study Blog, along with a required reading list to keep your mind as fresh as your work.

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Keenan Cummings

Creative Director/Cofounder of Wander (@onWander)

I'm a career creative that has made my way through the industry doing design, branding, illustration, writing, and strategy. Starting in a partner position at a two-man micro-firm doing everything from book covers to packaging; then on to a client-side corporate job doing strategy and innovation; and most recently working in one of the biggest branding firms in the country, I've learned to find the right work and make the moves that allow me to push beyond creative stagnation and continually grow my career. I love helping my fellow creators flourish!

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