Creating 3D Illustrations: Adding Symmetry and Geometry in Your Work

, Freelance 3D Illustrator

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Class Project

Create an illustrative 3D model

About the Class

In this class, I'll show you how to create 3D illustrations. We'll utilize the symmetry and geometry to understand how your object lives in a three dimensional space.

This class is perfect if you are an illustrator looking to move your work into a more 3D style. Knowing these concepts and skills will be helpful in other industries as well such as character modeling or architecture design.

What You'll Learn

  • Sketching. We'll start of with an introduction to sketching when creating an illustration that involves geometry.
  • Modeling the Body. I'll go over the tools and ways to start creating the body of your vehicle. We'll also add in details here.
  • Adding Symmetry. We'll know create your full illustration and put on the finishing touches.

What You'll Make

You'll be box-modeling a vehicle, with a focus on understanding symmetry and creating geometry. We'll also discuss file structure when creating this project.

More Information

For this class, I'll being using Cinema 4D, you can download a free trial at Having some basic understanding of SketchUp would be great. It's a free, fairly simple/straight-forward 3D modeling software a lot of people use for learning and would be great for this class.

Level: Intermediate

School: Design

Related Subjects: Illustration, 3D Modeling, Modeling, Symmetry

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About the Teacher

Timothy J. Reynolds

Timothy J. Reynolds

Freelance 3D Illustrator

Hi, I'm Tim Reynolds, an exhibit designer and illustrator based in Milwaukee, WI. Born and raised in the south, originally from Winston-Salem, NC. Picked up the random nickname Turnis ...