Create an Album Cover: Illustrating with Texture, Lighting and Colour

, Illustration | Design

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About the Class

This class will teach you how to create eye-catching album artwork.

l will take you through my workflow from idea, to pen & paper, to final. We will start from a written concept, on to sketches, and finally through three stages of Design and Feedback. While we are creating a CD cover, these skills can effortlessly be applied to all forms of commercial illustration and design.

What You'll Learn

  • Research and Concept Development. You'll conduct background research on the artist you're illustrating and create a mood board of the concept you'd like to deliver. 
  • Sketching.  Start visualizing your idea through a series of thumbnail sketches.
  • Digital Illustration. Take your strongest thumbnail to Illustrator or Photoshop for adding colors and vectors.
  • Texture, Lighting and Color.  You'll apply advanced details to your final image like textures, lighting, and shadows.

last aurora CD Cover

What You'll Make

The class begins with you picking a band, either real or imaginary. Then, we'll develop a written concept, aided by research, then sketch and finally design and illustrate your cover in three phases. You will share your work to receive feedback from your peers. You'll finish this course with an album cover that will spark curiosity in new fans.

More Information

A working level knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator. ie. pen tool, color adjustments, masks, layers. (You can download a free trial of the software on

Level: Intermediate

School: Design

Related Subjects: Digital Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Digital Texturing, Color Theory

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Class Project

Create an illustration for an album cover

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About the Teacher

The Fox And King

The Fox And King

Illustration | Design

The Fox And King is the working burrow of Glenn Thomas, an illustrator, designer, and animator working from Melbourne, Australia.I have worked with bands such as Emarosa, The Dear Hunt...

100% Positive Reviews

Juan Aguilar

Juan Aguilar

Student / Creative / Designer

Great class, the videos are extremely helpful and informative to give you a glimpse into his style and how you can implement it in your own designs. Definitely a must take!

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