Create an Album Cover: Illustrating with Texture, Lighting and Colour

This class is no longer available.

6 Videos (2h 17m)
  • Introduction, Research and Concept Development

    • Introduction & Bonus Lecture (24:32)

  • Sketching

    • Coming Soon

  • Digital Illustration

    • Coming Soon

  • Texture, Lighting and Color

    • Lecture 01 (1:00:24)

    • Lecture 02 (52:17)

  • Refine the Final Illustration

    • Coming Soon


About This Class

This class will teach you how to create eye-catching album artwork. l will take you through my workflow from idea, to pen & paper, to final. We will start from a written concept, on to sketches, and finally through three stages of Design and Feedback. While we are creating a CD cover, these skills can effortlessly be applied to all forms of commercial illustration and design. Wh... Read More

The Fox And King, Illustration | Design

The Fox And King is the working burrow of Glenn Thomas,  an illustrator, designer, and animator working from Melbourne, Australia. I have worked with bands such as Emarosa, The Dear Hunter, Gatsbys American Dream, At The Skylines, Four Letter Lie... Read More