Create Unique Comic Art in Adobe Illustrator

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Class Project

Create an awesome vector character illustration!

The final project will be a culmination of all things learned throughout the length of the course. This project will require the student to submit an original project composed completely in vector work, representative of their final character which they have developed. Final formats will be delivered in web ready jpg files; however, each file will be developed for a print ready purpose.

Students are expected to have a take charge attitude and be technically precise with the work they exhibit. Deliverables should be in finished states according to the daily milestones in order for the student to not be overwhelmed by the how swiftly class content is cycled through.

Be sure to always remember that vector work takes a great deal of patience and the more focused you are on time management and quality of work, the better your final product will be.

Project Brief
This course will navigate you through various concrete steps that can be used to create a character illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Your character will be a unique development that is 100% original. Work on sketching, refining, inking, coloring, and shading will be taken to achieve a final print and web ready file.

Materials and Supplies
Adobe Illustrator

Project Deliverables
By the closing of the class, students will have completed a full vector illustration that will be ready for both print and web use. A high resolution .jpg in web ready format should be provided at the conclusion of the course.


Students should enter this class with a basic understanding of the Adobe Illustrator drawing tools, ie. pen tool, brush, etc. Knowledge of these tools will help students stay on course with the flow of the curriculum, but is not required and students will be given brief tutorials to assist with keeping up to speed. (For beginner tutorials, you should visit: )

Level: Intermediate

William Focus

Creative Director

My name is William DuBois and I am both Illustrator and Graphic Designer. My work focuses on using my skills in Design and Illustration for the fields of Advertising and Branding/Identity. My clients range from that of business start ups to large corporations. I am responsible for developing and implementing stylistically fresh and unique concepts for various companies.

I am a member of several art collectives/communities, such as Intrinsic Nature, Hunie, Designspiration, and FullBlackout. In addition to these, I also am a stock vector artist for over 11 microstock sites and currently hold my B.S. in Graphic Design. 

If you would like to see more of my work, feel free to visit my personal portfolio: and my online store:

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