Character Animation: Bring a Character to Life in After Effects

, Director / Illustrator / Animator

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About the Class

You designed a character, gave him a name and a personality, but not sure where to go next? This class will help you get there!

What You'll Learn
This class will begin with explaining a character "rig", why you want one, and the different options that will work best with your character. I will then go through the steps to create a believable walk cycle. If you don't have your own character, you can use one of the rigs I will provide.

I will also go over techniques developed by the masters such as:

  • Squash and stretch
  • Anticipation
  • Overlap
  • And more!

To top it off, I will show you how I created my "Bouncy Beard" character, and a sneak peak of my film "Helium Harvey", showing you behind the scenes how I rigged and animated my character. 

Who This Class is For
This class is perfect for animators, illustrators, designers, and anyone interested in animation.

How the Class Works
This class is project-based, so you'll learn by creating a project of your own. The class will culminate with sharing your final animation (or animation in progress) with the class and receive feedback from your peers.


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More Information

Level: Intermediate

School: Design

Related Subjects: Animation, Character Design, Character Animation, Adobe After Effects

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Class Project

Animate a character and bring it to life

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About the Teacher

Daniel Savage

Daniel Savage

Director / Illustrator / Animator

Daniel SavageĀ is a New York based Director and Animator. He has worked with clients such as Comedy Central, Kanye West, and Google and has taught animation at the School of Visual Arts...

90% Positive Reviews

Keenon Ferrell

Keenon Ferrell

Calm down, just relax.

very easy to follow and informative. Leaned a lot of new skills and useful tips in such a short time.

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