Branding Culture: Making Your Event Stand Out from the Crowd

We start the class with a quick introduction to event branding, a look at some cool examples to show the width and breath of what you can do, and we lay the ground rules for the project you'll be creating.
4 Videos (51m)
  • Getting started with your event brand.

    • An introduction to event branding and setting up your project.


  • Identity and the Key Visual design.

    • Designing the Identity and Key Visuals


  • Creating a consistent look and feel.

    • Creating a consistent look and feel.


  • Publishing your event brand.

    • A class recap and publishing your work


Class Project: Design the brand identity for a cultural event of your choice

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About This Class

Whether it's a music festival, a museum exhibition, a fashion event, a conference, a friend's wedding or birthday, or your block party, you need to attract your audience and communicate your event in an interesting, attractive way. From the key visuals and the logo to all collateral, tickets, posters, a... Read More

Published on Mon, Jul 8th 2013