Branding Culture: Making Your Event Stand Out from the Crowd

, Owner, Design Director at helloMuller

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Class Project

Design the brand identity for a cultural event of your choice

About the Class

A look at what we'll cover in the class (an Instagram video)

Whether it's a music festival, a museum exhibition, a fashion event, a conference, a friend's wedding or birthday, or your block party, you need to attract your audience and communicate your event in an interesting, attractive way.

From the key visuals and the logo to all collateral, tickets, posters, and supporting material — designing for an event is one of the more rewarding, and demanding, projects a designer can undertake because of the scope and different aspects of the task at hand, from branding, environmental and digital design. 

Who This Class is For
This class is for every designer who loves to work across many disciplines and think about the bigger picture. The designer that likes to create not just a logo or a poster, but a fully realised brand system and message for a client. You can see how your idea will work and adapt across print, digital and even on a tote bag, whilst maintaining a unified voice and stand out from the crowd.

What You'll Learn
Design is never an isolated thing. Especially when you're designing for an event you need to take into consideration the theme, location and your (target) audience. Will it be cool and edgy, warm and friendly, or very clean and minimal? After you have decided on your event, its about choosing the right typefaces, imagery (will it be photography, pure graphics or a mix of both?), and how you communicate the message of your event. Once you have the tone of voice nailed, its about applying that design to the various deliverables for your event, ranging from posters, brochures, tickets, the way-finding system, website and maybe even an app.

What'll You'll Make
You're free to go as wide or narrow as you'd like in this project. Obviously you'll create the the minimum amount of deliverables:

  • The event name and identity
  • Event poster(s)
  • Invitation and ticket designs
  • Guidebook or brochure

But you can also create things such as:

  • Signage/way-finding system
  • Digital applications: the event website, and mobile app (if relevant to your chosen event)
  • Merchandise (e.g. tote bags, T-shirts, and so on)
  • Livery designs

What Skills Will You Learn
At the end of this class you will have created a fully realised brand package for your event that you can now push into the world. If anything, you've shown that you understand the thought process behind the creation of designing an event and how to apply your creative thinking across a range of applications.

More Information

This class won't be focussing on technical "how-to's", so a working knowledge of Adobe software like Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign will be helpful.

Level: Beginner

School: Design

Related Subjects: Branding, Identity Design, Systems Design, Event Planning

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About the Teacher

Tom Muller

Tom Muller

Owner, Design Director at helloMuller

Tom Muller is an Eisner-nominated, award winning graphic designer working in London. After 14 years working for some of the best known digital agencies in the industry he now runs his ...

100% Positive Reviews

Naeem Mahmood

Naeem Mahmood

Good course for beginners AND those who have been in the field for a while, many useful reminders and opportunities for better understanding. It was great seeing Tom's approach from re...

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