Beautiful Plastic: Creating a Great Designer Toy

, Kidrobot Founder, Designer, Entrepreneur, Author

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Class Project

Sketch your own toy design

About the Class

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Designer toys have been described as one of the few truly original worldwide art movements of the last two decades. Initially created by street artists and designers using soft vinyl, the designer toy movement now encompass a wide variety of artists, styles, and materials, and has spread worldwide.

As the founder of Kidrobot, I helped bring designer toys to America. I have designed and art directed hundreds of limited edition toys — including virtually every toy created by Kidrobot from its inception through 2011. I am also well known as the co-creator of Dunny, Munnyworld, and many other iconic toys.

Dunny photos courtesy of Kidrobot. Dunny designed by Paul Budnitz & Tristan Eaton.  Paints by Tilt, Tara McPherson, and Joe Ledbetter.

What You'll Learn
I'll be sharing my experience creating toys with Kidrobot, and helping you learn what makes a designer toy special, and how to design a successful one of your own. Class highlights include:

  1. A history of designer toys from 1998 to the present.
  2. What makes a designer toy a designer toy, with insights about what makes certain toys iconic, and others easily forgettable. 
  3. Sketching and designing your own toy, including tips to make your design great.

What You'll Make
In this online, project-based class, students will design their own toy. We'll walk you through the process from sketches to finished art, and you'll have the opportunity to post your designs for feedback from your fellow students.

More Information

Level: Beginner

School: Design

Related Subjects: DIY, Product Design, Prototyping, Industrial Design, Toy Design, Art Direction

At a Glance

  • 4 Video Lessons (39m)
  • 970 Students
  • 94% Positive Reviews (18)
  • Self-Paced Online Class

About the Teacher

Paul Budnitz

Paul Budnitz

Kidrobot Founder, Designer, Entrepreneur, Author

Paul Budnitz is the founder of Kidrobot, the world's premiere creator of art toys, apparel and accessories. He also owns and runs Budnitz Bicycles, two technology companies, is the aut...

94% Positive Reviews

Erik Miller

Erik Miller

Make work, not excuses.

I loved the insight that each video for the Beautiful Plastic class provided. Paul had very clear and concise materials prepared in regards to the designer toy creation process. The cl...

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