AI Comic Art

, Creative Director

Class Project

Create an awesome vector character illustration!

About the Class

AI Comic Art will cover all concepts relative to the creation of initial art sketches to a final finished print/digital illustration ready for display.

We will discuss:

  1. Research
  2. Thumbs
  3. Rough Sketching
  4. Tightening a Sketch
  5. Inking
  6. Coloring
  7. Shading
  8. Highlighting
  9. Adding Elements
  10. Finishing Touches

If you're looking for something to capture the essence of comic art on the Adobe Illustrator platform, this is the class to see!

Materials and Supplies
Adobe Illustrator

Project Deliverables
By the closing of the class, students will have completed a full vector illustration that will be ready for both print and web use. Students should look to deliver their progressive steps of their piece in their project area so they can track their own progression!

More Information

Students should enter this class with a basic understanding of the Adobe Illustrator drawing tools, ie. pen tool, brush, etc.; however, those using Adobe Photoshop or general drawing programs can follow along as well. Knowledge of these tools will help students stay on course with the flow of the curriculum, but is not required and students will be given brief tutorials to assist with keeping up to speed. (For beginner tutorials, you should visit: )

Level: Intermediate

School: Design

Related Subjects: Visual Storytelling, Digital Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Character Design, Concept Art, Comic Art

At a Glance

  • 7 Video Lessons (1h 28m)
  • 30 Students
  • Self-Paced Online Class

About the Teacher

Will Focus

Will Focus

Creative Director

My name is Will Focus, super duper Illustrator and Graphic Designer Extraordiare! My work focuses creative concepts for print and web campaigns in order to deliver high returns on a co...