The Tastes & History of Chinese Tea. An Introduction.

Tea is the new coffee. As China rises rapidly to become the next world power, Westerners are turning to this 5,000 year old drink to better understand their Eastern neighbors. Interest in tea has exploded, giving rise to vanilla infused green tea, mint and mango flavored black tea, and other frankenstein brews in between. This is not a survey on the new wave of tea, but if you're interested in learning about the emperors who started it all and in trying some really good hard-to-find teas, this is the class for you. Join Eric Batscha, Certified Tea Lover, for Tea 101. This introduction to appreciating tea class will provide you with the basics of the Chinese tea ceremony and a window into the history of how tea "culture" has evolved. The evening will provide a tasting of 4 distinct styles of tea. You’ll experience the flavor variations of a light spring green tea from the foothills of Taiwan, a rich Pu'er tea from the mountains of Yunnan, a flower Jasmine tea from the south, and one more mystery brew. By the end, you’ll have tasted some terrific drinks, better understand tea's cultural and brewing history and feel a new appreciation for this tasty and richly historic beverage.
  • The Tastes & History of Chinese Tea. An Introduction.


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Eric Batscha

I lived in China for 2+ years and spent time traveling to the country's tea regions and with those communities. I drink A LOT of tea.
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