The Perfect Appetizer: Branding for Food, Beverage & Restaurants

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We all know that to be a success, it's not enough to have delicious food. The failure rate of restaurants in NYC alone is, well… intimidating. And on the product side, incubator kitchens can only get you so far. So how do you set yourself up for success and apart from the rest? If you've got an idea and taste bud approval, we know how to get to the next level and we're here to help.

Building a good brand doesn't happen overnight — we want to offer you a roadmap (tailored for the food and beverage industry) that will help you create a brand that has been properly plated. From your elevator pitch to spreading the word (the right way), we'll talk you through some of the challenges that every innovator in the industry faces.


Our three main objectives:

– What do you need to have to hit the shelves or open your doors with a powerful brand behind it? We'll give you a checklist of need-to-knows (hint: it starts concept and ends with consumer). 

— Defining your brand's voice, from copy to color palette, it all says something about you. We'll help you shape the beginnings of this and give you a set of goals that will give your brand some vocal chords. And yes, we'll even talk a bit about social media.

— What exactly do you need to have in your arsenal before you can call yourself a proper brand?  From design to pitch tactics, we'll talk priorities baby!

Tag Collective

Multidisciplinary Branding & Design

Tag Collective was founded by Becca Eley and Jason Punches to empower the people they believe in. It has since grown to a one-stop shop for clients seeking to build a brand that represents their product to its fullest (particularly in the food and beverage industry). 

With three successful restaurants, a bakery, and multiple packaging projects under their belt, Tag knows what it takes to get the job done. And, in their prior lives both Becca and Jason worked with global mega-brands like Pepsico, national restaurant chains like Carrabba's Italian Grill, and leaders in the alcohol industry like Diagio and Absolut Vodka.

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