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Learn to make one of Malaysia's most popular hawker/street-food dishes - Curry Laksa.  For those of you who have never experienced it,  Curry Laksa is a large bowl of noodles,  with chicken and various seafood toppings bathed in a decadent mild coconut curry broth.  You'll learn how to use fresh and dried chillies, shallots, galangal, and stinky (read: delicious) shrimp paste to create your very own spice paste that is the foundation of making a scrumptious pot of laksa. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining,  this class is for you:  A laksa dinner party is an event unlike any you've ever thrown - all the ingredients are laid out on a table,  and each guest assembles their very own bowl based on their own preference. Not your typical cooking class,  this is an exploration of the varied spices, herbs and aromatics used in the East. 


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    You'll learn:

    1.  How to make your very own spice paste. 

    2.  How to slow cook the spice paste until it's completely cooked and why it's not wise to undercook this.

    3.  What the options are for various toppings.  I'll share what I know and then discuss some of your ideas.

    4.  How to prepare the various ingredients.

    5.  About all the different fresh garnishes.

    7.  How to assemble a bowl.


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Auria Abraham

Hundred Spice Malaysian Chef

Back home in Malaysia when I was kid,  my mum would pick me up from school every Friday afternoon and we would make our way across town to the Seremban wet market.  It was always such a learning experience to watch mum as she haggled with the fish, pork, vegetable and spice vendors. She asked for what she needed and checked out the offerings to find the freshest food to buy for the week.  Over the years,  I learned from her not because she made it point of teaching me,  but merely by observing her week after week. 

The sights, sounds and smells of the market were a delight to the senses and something I found most closely replicated in the part of Chinatown that I will take you to. I truly love shopping in this part of Chinatown - I feel like that little girl back home in Malaysia following mum around the wet market every Friday.  There is a blogpost with a short video of me and my mum at the market that I took while I was home in December, 2011.  You can see it here: http://bit.ly/uITQk7

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