Pie School -- Where the 99% meets the Upper Crust.

, Founder, Brooklyn French

It's pretty simple: 

Bring 4 sticks of butter,  and I will send you away with a fat, magical slice of pie, 2 of your very own pie crusts, and the ability to make everyone at that stupid potluck jealous of your crumbly, flaky crust. 

Teacher's Note:

Pie crust is not like a unicorn--although it has a lots of steps, and you have to be attentive, once you've seen it done right, you'll have it by the horn forever.

  • Pie School -- Where the 99% meets the Upper Crust.


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    Coming Soon...

Kevin St. John

Founder, Brooklyn French

I am qualified to teach this course because, as my friends will attest, I make a craz-a** pie.  Plus, I make my living as a French tutor which means I'm pretty okay at showing people how to do things without making them cry.

Come to pie school.



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