Perfect Southern Fried Chicken -@West Elm Market (INCLUDES 15% DISCOUNT ON PURCHASE @WEST ELM MRKT)

, Private Chef, @BurntSugarNYC


Learn how to perfect this classic like a true Southerner.

ALL STUDENTS WHO ENROLL IN THIS CLASS WILL RECEIVE 15% OFF THEIR PURCHASE IN STORE THAT DAY!!!  (THANK YOU WEST ELM FOR BEING SO AWESOME!) So, if you need to stock up on some kitchenware or gadgets, this would be the day to do it!

In this class we’ll make an original, spicy fried chicken! From start to finish, you’ll learn all the basics for making a super crispy crust, yet tender juicy inside.

This class is geared towards beginners and will be hands-on, so wear something you don’t mind getting a little flour on.  We’ll start out by discussing the 3 pillars to perfectly fried chicken:  brining, resting and frying.  You’ll discover the basic techniques for how to “hold” and finish the chicken for entertaining purposes and tips for how to fry ahead and reheat to serve for brunch (with your waffles of course!), or for dinner the next day. 

  • Fried Chicken 101: Everything You Need to Know!


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Kelly Leding

Private Chef, @BurntSugarNYC

Kelly was born and raised in the South and grew up vegetable gardening and canning/preserving everything from spicy pickles to strawberry jam.  She’s had wanderlust her whole life, so she's spent much of her time traveling abroad eating her way through various countries and picking up cooking techniques from the locals.

She left her advertising career behind to pursue her true passion for all things food and started Burnt Sugar NYC where she currently works as a private chef/caterer/1:1 private cooking lesson instructor in Manhattan.

During a yearlong sabbatical from college, she worked as the interim/assistant pastry chef at James At The Mill in Johnson, AR and regularly conducts cooking/baking demos at The Broadway Panhandler here in NYC, all the while working on her dream project...a cookbook.

Most recently, she catered the Academy of Motion Picture & Sciences Foreign Film Oscar Nominees event in Manhattan, catering to Meryl Streep (which was a dream!), and recently worked with the talented Dutch Chef, Linda Steen who was the featured guest chef at this year's Russ & Daughter's Herring Festival Event.

Her latest culinary adventure took her to Beijing & Chengdu, China this February where she picked up a really badass Chinese cleaver and a few wok skills learned from the locals in their home kitchens.

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