Good food galore! Unlimited booze! An interactive cooking class sure to end with a bang! MOPAC is partnering up with Cook To Bang to teach culinary seduction classes just in time for Valentine's Day. Why blow your wad only to be rushed through an overpriced meal at a packed restaurant…if you can even get a reservation? Join us for a pre-V-Day class taught in the heart of Soho on Sunday February 12. Meet new friends (and possibly lovers), learn about aphrodisiacs, wine pairing, and how to cook a three-course meal sure to wow your sweetums.
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Mopac Brooklyn

Originally called "Junior and Nicole" Chef Charles Mathison founded MOPAC in 2010. Cooking at home for friends was the basis behind "Junior and Nicole." Nicole is Charles' sister. Spun off into MOPAC in 2011 MOPAC has become the new destination to meet new people in a pressure-free setting  and cook an exotic meal as well as for chefs to launch careers in cooking classes and the food media.  MOPAC was started to bring the world of exotic cooking to the public and to provide a space for food lovers to expand  communication through the the culinary arts.

Chef Spencer Walker, visionary behind Cook To Bang, has been a chef inr estaurants, at large catering events (weddings, banquets, etc), private dinners, and for countless women way out of his league. He worked his way through college cooking and retired from the cooking game to become an executive and writer for television in Los Angeles. During the Hollywood writers strike, Spencer returned to his cooking roots when he was suddenly broke, single after 5 years, and not allowed to write for a living. He started the Cook To Bang blog as a creative exercise that soon went viral and got writeups in NY Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and the Village Voice. St. Martin's Press gave him a book deal and published the book summer of 2010. Spencer lives in New York now and teaches the big apple the art of culinary seduction this Valentines season.

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