Learn to Make Risotto Like Mario Batali

, Lifelong foodie,passionate cook,founder of NoshOnI

Do you love a rich risotto but find yourself paying over $20 for it when you eat out? Or perhaps you think it can be only be made by the pros? Well, think again!

This hands-on class will prove to you that you can make delicious and affordable risotto in your own kitchen that will rival anything you've had before.

With a couple of basic ingredients and some insider tricks and tips, we'll first teach you how to make a perfect creamy basic risotto and then how to jazz it up with some creative variations that are sure to impress your friends, your date, your partner, and even your mom!

At the end of the class, we'll enjoy what we've prepared with a glass (or two) of wine! Since alcohol will be served, this class is 21+

  • Learn to Make Risotto Like Mario Batali


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Vijay Nathan

Lifelong foodie,passionate cook,founder of NoshOnI

Vijay is the Co-Founder and CEO of MyReci.com, a Boston-based startup focused on reinventing the recipe box by allowing you to manage all of your recipes in one place online and to connect with people of similar tastes.

Vijay attend a culinary program at the LeNotre Culinary Academy in Houston, TX and worked as the youngest cook in the kitchen of Certified Master Chef Fritz Gitschner at the age of 18. For the past 10 years, he has worked in restaurants, wine, and events across the country.

Vijay is a lifelong foodie and passionate cook who has been working in the food business for over 10 years. He is passionate about helping people realize that everyone can achieve great food in their own kitchens. Check him out in this video

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