Learn How To Throw A Bad Ass Taco Party

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In this day time class we will guide you through a variety of basic cooking techniques that will give you the confidence and ability to throw a bad ass taco party. Anything from making a delicious guacamole, to how to cut avocados, how to make spiced tortilla chips, how to make your own flour and corn tortillas (which are delicious and only require a few ingredients), how to make homemade cheese! ( I know it sounds all too much but I promise it only requires 2 ingredients and is simple as anything), and more. ***Don't worry about the timing too much, if you have to leave early or come late and stay longer that is completely fine!****
  • Learn How To Throw A Bad Ass Taco Party


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Brothers Green

Food for your soul

Jaquy Yngvason - Half Icelandic, Half Equadorian, this Salsa Viking, having been diagnosed with Celiacs not long before graduating Culinary School, has been working as a food stylist at the Food Network for several years under some of the top chefs and talent in the country. She has been teaching cooking lessons for over five years and cooks Gluten Free, Egg Free, and Dairy Free food like you have never seen before. Jaquy has been in the process of filming her own Gluten Free cooking show that will be airing shortly on EHow's online cooking network. She truly is the master gluten free cook and will blow your mind with how accessible and delicious allergy restricted cooking can still be. 

Josh Greenfield - Has recently launched season two of his show "Brothers Green" on Youtube's new Food Network "Hungry" where he teaches viewers how to cook, throw parties and be creative with a wide variety of foods. He has been working as a personal chef and caterer in the NYC area for 3 years and teaching cooking classes to people of all culinary backgrounds and dietary restrictions. Josh has been on The Rachael Ray show and is going to be on this season of "Chopped".

Whether it be gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, or all purpose eater, Josh has done it all via his cooking show and his private cooking lessons. 

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