Learn How To Throw A Bad Ass Taco Party

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In this day time class we will guide you through a variety of basic cooking techniques that will give you the confidence and ability to throw a bad ass taco party. Anything from making a delicious guacamole, to how to cut avocados, how to make spiced tortilla chips, how to make your own flour and corn tortillas (which are delicious and only require a few ingredients), how to make homemade cheese! ( I know it sounds all too much but I promise it only requires 2 ingredients and is simple as anything), and more. ***Don't worry about the timing too much, if you have to leave early or come late and stay longer that is completely fine!****
  • Learn How To Throw A Bad Ass Taco Party


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Brothers Green

Food for your soul
3 Self Taught Chefs who run a home cooking,personalized party throwing, music playing, cooking lesson teaching business.
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