How to Pick Your Poison: Sake Basics

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Similar to ordering wine, choosing a Sake is often the result of liking the label, price or your hosts recommendation. But armed with a little knowledge, you can easily start ordering Sake with confidence that will pair with your mood as well as your food.

Join Brian Murray, Certified Sake Sommelier for Sake 101. This introduction to appreciating Sake class will provide you with the basics of how to read a Sake label in a store or from a menu. The night provides a tasting of 5 distinct styles of Sake. You’ll taste the differences between a brash and bold Nama, a delicate and silky Junmai Dai-Gingo, and others in between.

We'll be be ordering and splitting 5 bottles of sake and a bunch of tapas. By the end, you’ll have tasted some terrific drinks and have a new appreciation for Sake as well as a little cultural and brewing history.

The cost of this class includes drinks and food.


  • How to Pick Your Poison: Sake Basics


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Brian Murray

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I'm an amateur brewer and Certified Sake Professional from the Sake Education Council.

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