From home roasting to home drinking, enjoy your coffee like a pro

*UPDATE: Sweet Maria's is now an official sponsor! Get ready for some delicious samples! *Class includes a freshly roasted/ground/brewed cup of coffee, of course! There is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee from freshly roasted beans. This class is designed to bring you into the world of home-roasting. Moreover, I'll help you un-learn some of what you think you know about this sacred drink. Best yet? You'll be drinking coffee that'll taste better than the coffee from your favorite coffeeshop at a fraction of the cost. All the required materials can be gathered for under $50, and you'll develop a passion for the drink you crave each morning. (Spoiler alert, you'll want an old-school popcorn hot-air popper, some beans from and an AeroPress!)
  • From home roasting to home drinking, enjoy your coffee like a pro


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Chris Hoogewerff

I'm a self-transformed coffee snob, without the budget to nurture this trait in a traditional sense. For some time now, I've been roasting my coffee beans at home. Sourced from small organic farms around the country, you really can't beat the coffee that you'll be making right out of your own home. I don't drink a lot of coffee, but I do my best to make sure the one or two cups I do enjoy each day are truly the best. It's no surprise I've developed a passion for coffee, and it's one I always enjoy sharing!
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