From Mexico City to Yucatan, A Small Plates & Cocktails Class

People often ask me where to eat good Mexican food or where to travel in Mexico. I love to share with people the fact that there is an incredible variety of Mexican food and it isn't all spicy, deep fried or complicated to source ingredients and prepare.
This is a perfect opportunity to make delicious Mexican treats, ideal for the hot summer weather, which you can prepare to impress friends and family and that you won't find in your average Mexican restaurant. All those attending will participate and collaborate in small groups to create their own drinks, appetizers, salsas and main course following un-complicated steps.

Insipired by Mexican street food, served family style for sharing, using locally sourced and traditional ingredients as much as possible. This time we will have the oportunity to prepare from scratch marinades and salsas, which are the basis for mexican food in the quickest and easiest way possible. 

All the items on the menu and flavours perfect for summer. We will start by preparing refreshing Tequila based cocktails, then you will learn to make a traditional "Esquite". before moving on to "Ceviche de Pescado" and "Cochinita Pibil" tacos ( pork marinated and cooked in achiote and wrapped in banana leaves for many hours- one of my favourite Yucatecan style dishes).

Full Menu

Guacamole con queso fresco acompanado de chicharron / Guacamole topped with queso fresco accompained by pork crackling for dipping

Esquites estilo DF con queso cotija y chile piquin / Mexico City style corn appetizer, cotija cheese and delicious chilli powder

Ceviche de Pescado estilo Caribe / Caribbean Style Fish Ceviche 

Cochinita Pibil taquitos con cebolla morada y salsa Ixnipec / Yucatecan style pork taquitos topped with pickeled onions and Ixnipec salsa - a roasted habanero and lime salsa

Pico de Gallo fresco con chile serrano / Fresh Pico de Gallo with serrano pepper

Totopos horneados / Homemade corn tortilla chips

Salsa de chile habanero / Habanero salsa
Cocktails:  Paloma & Watermelon Margarita
Non-Alcoholic Drink: Horchata
Attention, Ready, Go... !!!

Attention: We will start by preparing a refreshing cocktail made of Blanco Tequila so everyone breaks the ice properly and gets ready to form 4 groups, followed by an explanation of the recipe booklet.

Ready: A brief explanation of all the ingredients considered in the recipes, including substitutions and alternatives ( in case you run out of any of them at home.) 
¨Mice en place¨ and groups are ready to go, with ingredients, recipes & utensils.
Go: Chop, slice, marinate, blend, mix, taste, braise, chat, chop more, slice more, chat more, drink more and most importantly taste more so we can make sure that the final product is going to be terrifically delicious.

Buen Provecho!!!

  • From Mexico City to Yucatan, A Small Plates & Cocktails Class

    Ger Nis Center

    540 President St #2E
    Brooklyn, NY

    There are no prerequisites for this class, it doesn't matter if you know how to chop a tomato perfectly or if you are not familiarized with the ingredients or dishes that we will prepare.
    Not only will you learn how to make them, a recipe booklet will also be ready for you to follow and take home.
    This hands-on class is aimed at anyone who enjoys cooking and wants to know more about proper Mexican food. 
    I will guide you through how to prepare refreshing Mexican cocktails and moorish appetizers. We will experiment with making different variations of ceviches, with each group working together to make theirs with different fruits and chiles.
    Key elements you will learn: 

    1. How to prepare the perfect guacamole in 5 minutes. 

    2. Hassle free prep & marinades for main courses. 

    3. The essential mix ( the must have ingredients for Mexican Cooking) 

    4. The key elements for choosing a good Tequila 

    5. How to use fresh & dried chillies. 

    Yes, it will be to recreate a Mexican meal at home with friends and send photos in of the delicious food prepared. 
    Tue, August 28th, 2012

    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm EDT

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    Ger Nis Center

    540 President St #2E

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