Eat: Organic. Healthy. Easy. On a Budget.

Do you like to eat? I do. But, do you want to know about what you're eating? Where does it come from? How do I eat well? Organic? Will I have to cook all the time? And, how do I do it on a budget?

In this class we will explore how to eat well, eat organic and on a budget. We will discuss the organic food movement, tips for eating well, cooking and shopping.

Eating organic and healthy does not have to be hard and you don't have to go bankrupt to do it!

Join us at Think Coffee in Union Square to grab a yummy treat or drink and discussion, collect some recipes and enjoy some yummy eats.

  • Eating Healthy, Organic on a Budget


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Cheryl Paswater

Cheryl Paswater is a artist/writer/teacher and foodie who after a near-death experience over 5 years ago, turned to holistic doctors for help. After a radical diet and lifestyle change, she started researching healthy eating, sustainable lifestyles, and holistic health and is now dedicated to encouraging and helping others to get healthy as well.

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